Our Mission

provide an inviting, friendly, and accessible setting for community gardening and related social and educational exchange. promote the health and economic benefits of locally and naturally grown food and contributing to its production

Instill in ourselves and our children habits of healthful nutrition and physical activity, and values of responsible stewardship of our natural and other community resources and reach out to and support community members who are struggling with economic adversity.


Provide an outdoor setting for social interaction, education, and recreation around the theme of self-sufficient food production. Enhance the appeal and value of a public recreational area by modifying and utilizing green space in a functional, sustainable, and environmentally friendly manner

Create partnerships with service-minded groups, such as local business, Boy Scouts and faith-based organizations

To reduce risk of preventable disease (e.g., diabetes, heart disease, cancer) with a focus on health and wellness. Promote gardening as an outlet for healthful physical activity and stress reduction. Establish healthful eating and routine physical activity as lifelong habits